Think Assessment: Think XAMS

The high stakes assessment platform for organisations of all sizes.

Key Features : XAMS®
  • Manage users, create e-assessments and set up test centres to delegate scheduling, delivery & reporting. True high stakes, on-demand e-assessment, administered by
    your test centres.
  • Instant result & more reliable marking; cost saving (fewer paper forms, no
    posting of test papers etc.); a more rewarding experience for students.
  • Browser-based with no need for locally installed software.
    Updates handled automatically. Tests can be taken anywhere with
    an internet connection.
  • Off-line version available for occasions when internet access is
    an issue
  • Easy to use & take minutes, rather than hours, to learn.
  • Automated marking for Multiple choice Questions.
  • A rich, intuitive environment that enables exam markers
    to work collaboratively and annotate and share
    essay-style responses.
  • An engaging & uncomplicated test experience, with
    robust network fail backup.
  • Easy "skinned" to match the branding requirements
    of your organisation.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing registration,
    certification & portfolio systems.
  • OMR/OCR Scanning-manage all paper and
    onscreen tests in one place using the integrated
    scanning solution
  • A scable solution with low infrastructure &
    support overheads